ARQUA! (AR | 2017)

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ARQUA! is a creative toy for bringing fantasy to life. You can create your very own rainbow aquarium by painting kelp, hatching fish, drawing coral, and much much more. Once your aquarium is created, you can explore with your new world; teasing fish, tickling kelp, and twisting crystals. The next day, in a new place, begin again, creating a another unique psychedelic wonderland.

Paint your friend’s face! Decorate your Cat! Turn that worn out carpet into a bed of kelp! With ‘ARQUA!’ you can turn your mundane world into a RAINBOW AQUARIUM!

From the creator of 'BLARP!', 'ENOUGH', and 'L U N E', and the fine folks who brought you 'Chocolate' and 'Smash Party VR'; 'ARQUA!' is a visceral and joyful delight to behold. It promotes creative agency, as well as emotional and even spiritual wonder.

ARQUA! is a product borne of Cabbibo on the Viacom NEXT fellowship.

(c) Viacom NEXT, 2017