Chocolate (VR | 2017)

Steam Store | Oculus. Premiered at Sundance 1/2017

Set to the song of the same name by Giraffage, Chocolate is a wondrous experience that transforms your hands into cannons that spray cute, colorful chrome kittens onto a circle of people performing a ritualistic dance just for you, their robot god. You shoot giant shock waves into the vast, liquid-like landscape while a herd of giant cat heads migrates in the distance, and a massive tribal chief cat sprays champagne all over you. Everything is shiny and glimmering, smooth and sexy, cute and strange, overwhelming and astonishing.

Chocolate VR is developed by Gentle Manhands and presented by Viacom NEXT. Chocolate VR is proudly SubPac Optimized:

(c) Viacom NEXT, 2017