VR Fellowships (2016 + 2017)

This Fellowship is for those who treat VR like the new mish-mash medium that it is and those who are eager to challenge themselves about what works best for them when using this medium.

The focus of this fellowship will be new experiences for fans to enjoy music in new ways. Fellows will be given access to Viacom’s music library to choose one song and create an original virtual reality experience for it.

Fellows are expected to work on their own and required to report progress weekly, in-person at co-working and critique meetings, to audiences of Viacom Mentors and other invited guests from the industry. There is a midpoint works-in-progress demo session of each Fellow’s experience, as well a final demonstration day at the end of the program.

Following the program’s end, there are additional demonstration opportunities, for example at NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit, and at NYC Media Lab’s Exploring Future Reality.
(c) Viacom NEXT, 2017